This page contains downloads and links to ADOM FAQs and manuals.

Name Description Link
ADOM documentation Earlier Prereleases shipped without documentation. These archives
contain the documentation files as of Prerelease 20 and Prerelease 5.
You can either download the complete ZIP archive or access the files directly.

All releases after Prerelease 11 will include updated documentation files again.
1.2.0 Prerelease 20

1.2.0 Prerelease 5
ADOM manual The ADOM manual in HTML format (as of ADOM 1.1.1). ADOM manual
ADOM manual (mirror)
ADOM manual (download)

The ADOM FAQ is NOT maintained by the ADOM team but by fans.
Check out the ADOM Guidebook page for more information about
the FAQ, the ADOM Guidebook and other interesting ADOM material.
ADOM FAQ The official ADOM FAQ in HTML format (up-to-date). ADOM FAQ (HTML)
ADOM FAQ The official ADOM FAQ in ASCII format (up-to-date). ADOM FAQ (ASCII)
Updated: 10 March 2013